As narrated by Tyler...

March 11, 2006 started out just like any Saturday. Well, not quite any Saturday because it was my grandma and grandpa Simoes' anniversary. But around our house, things were pretty boring until that afternoon when Dad said "Let's go to Boone." I'd heard of that place! That was where my folks stayed back in the days when their lives were totally insignificant because they had not yet found me, of course. So off to Boone we went.

The folks walked around the stadium side of campus, where Mom had lived when they met. They showed me around. Things were pretty quiet because students were out for spring break, but we found a dorm that was unlocked! I had a chance to relieve my bladder outside, but theirs were still full so they walked right into that dorm and located the potty area. I got to go in too - that was cool.


Dad walked Mom behind one of the dorms and pulled out a box. He was on his knees and put a sparkly thing on Mom's hand. She seemed a giddy about something too. What was going on? Dad reassured me that all was well. He also shared that this was where they had their first kiss over a decade ago.

To celebrate, they went to Macado's. (That's where they went on their first date, and lots of dates after that.) I'd like to tell you what they ordered, but they left me in the car while they dined. How rude!

After that, we went home and they have been talking about wierd things like florists and tulle and tuxes or dresses. Between you and me, I'll be glad when this nonsense is over and Saturdays will be for chillin' again.

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